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Check the home page for the latest seeds. I try to update this list every time I post a new seed, but remembering it is so difficult. :P Newest seeds are at the top of the list.

Version 1.3 seeds

4 biomes at spawn + cocoa beans
Spawn in village with 5 diamonds (for Minecraft 1.3)
Desert Temple at Spawn

Version 1.2 seeds

HUGE cave w/ lots of ores (plus jungle and plains)
Jungle Island

Before 1.2

Village seed for 1.1
Wacky islands


Some downloadable maps are featured on Seed Hunter as well.

Dungeon Runner


Beta seeds (before 1.0)

A perfect village
Wild 'n' steep mountains + something interesting
Intersection of 3 biomes
Massive snow world
Survival Island
Pink sheep!
Spawn in a village!

Before beta 1.8 (these are for Minecraft beta 1.7 and earlier)

Dead Mau5