Thursday, November 8, 2012

Xbox Seed: Spawn in the middle of 3 biomes

There were too many things to point out in this seed that were interesting so I just decided to show the things I thought would be the coolest. There were lava pits, giant mountain formations, water pits, lagoons, and holes in the mountains, ravines, caves, waterfalls, lava falls, and more. This seed is perfect for survival.

Note: This article was written by Andrew for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition.

The screenshot above shows the spawn. It’s not a guarantee spawn on this exact spot but near it most likely. The three biomes are desert, snow, and grassy hills.

This is the massive desert biome which has lava pits, water pits, a river, some caves, a village, and maybe some hidden structures:

Here is the Snow Biome; it has a lot of trees as you can see which is good for wood in survival:

The third and final biome in the seed is a biome with excessive amounts of hills and mountain formations that are very unique. I just decided to call it grassy hill biome:

This is the village I mentioned in the desert biome. It’s very organized and it has a good amount of farms and houses:

Lastly as I also mentioned earlier there are a lot of unique hill and mountain formations:

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition version: 1.3.2
World type: Normal
Seed: 5934934840357539182

What did you find in this world?

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