Monday, October 17, 2011

A perfect village

You spawn on a swamp biome next to a desert with sand (of course), a village, cacti, water, sugar canes, a cave, and oh my, a house with a dungeon inside it!


Click the "read more" for more screenshots and info.

In case you don't spawn next to the village, the coordinates are x = 350, z = 245.

The chest in the dungeon-house contains 5 strings, two buckets, and two iron ingots.

This works at least in 1.9 pre 3 and pre 4, please comment if you find this working in previous versions as well.


  1. If you go to x = -535, z = -615, you'll find a cave. Go there and turn right and you'll end up in a stronghold!

  2. It's a housgeon! ~dalolman