Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Intersection of 3 biomes

Now, this is a truly badass seed! You'll spawn right at an intersection of three different biomes: snow, desert, and grass (default) biome with a river running through them. Requires Minecraft 1.9 (pre-release). The seed is this:


Click the "read more" for more screenshots and info.

Now that we can craft Snow Golems, these pumpkins will come in handy. Too bad they don't have faces due to the texture pack I'm using.

x = -180, z = 50
I found three ravines close to each others (more or less). Coordinates are approximately these (too lazy to post pics):

  • x = -115, z = -40
  • x = -180, z = -20
  • x = 50, z = -200

A visible zombie dungeon leads you to quite a big cave.

x = -70, z = -500
A mid-size village in desert.

x = -250, z = -500
This lava might be good if you want easy obisidian (and are not on Creative Mode).

x = -365, z = -315
Travel a bit for steep mountains and fancy structures.

x = -450, z = -500
And finally, an isometric map. Beware, the file is huge! Click it to see a larger version. Initial spawn point circled in red.

Oh, and before I forget, thanks to lowfr3q from Reddit for this Minecraft seed. You can see his original post about this seed here.


  1. At x = 255, z = 395 there's a large cave with plenty of coal and iron... but I also found 6 blocks of Lapis Lazuli, 10 blocks of gold, and over 5 blocks of redstone. :)

    Hint: the Lapis Lazuli can be found at x = 255, z = 410. The rest are nearby.

  2. What texture pack is this? the lighting seems pretty cool. ^^

  3. what is the cooridnates of the spawn point?
    i kinda got lost..

  4. About
        x = -180,
        z = -185

  5. Dunno if this is my game bugging out or not, but on a fresh map, in creative mode, at

    X: 17.6
    Y: 72.6

    There a two pillars of glass blocks going up into the sky. o_o;

  6. :) It means you found a stronghold! Try digging down.

    The glass pillars are debug pillars, Jeb forgot to remove them before releasing pre 3.

    Jeb tweeted about the pillars just after the release of pre 3.

  7. Oh sweet! (why didn't I think of digging down? lol)This is the first time I've seen a stronghold, its huge.

  8. I found some Diomonds at

  9. Does this seed work in 1.9 Pre release 6?

  10. Can't wait to try it out. ~dalolman Also I found a ravine at x:-102 I jve no idea what the z coordinate is. ~dalolman