Friday, September 16, 2011

Spawn in a village!

Now that Minecraft 1.8 is officially out, it's time to update this not-too-often-updated blog with a gorgeous seed. Yup, this seed spawns you right in a village! So, the seed is this:


Click the "read more" for more screenshots and info.

Click screenshots to see larger versions.

The village from another direction
A nasty bug?

Oh, pumpkins! Can you see the village behind them?

There's a HUGE forest very near the village


  1. Thank you! Otherwise i would have to spend hours looking for it! btw i found this from this link:

  2. wow, i have 1.9 (pre-release) and i spawned in house :)

  3. There is a positively absurd amount of underwater clay in this map! I found over 256 clay balls before I started examining the massive underwater caves! Well done!

  4. I didn't know of the clay until now, thanks for the tip!

    I checked every direction around the village and there indeed is an enormous amount of clay.