Tuesday, July 19, 2011

1.7: schönster

(This seed is for Minecraft 1.7 and earlier.)

Clay. That's what I first found. And that's what you want, right? However, this Minecraft seed has much much more. It has the biggest cave ever. And by big I really mean B-I-G!

The coordinates of the above picture are these:
x: 10
y: 15
z: 220

Here's more coordinates:

(Click a picture to see it larger.)

Clay. Quite much.

x: 60
z: 115

Next to the coal you can find some sugar cranes.

x: 10
z: 100

More sugar cranes at:

x: 60
z: -50

Oh, and by the way, here's some gravel.

x: 75
z: 45

Finally at the cave entrance!

x: -15
z: 220

A skeleton dungeon. Interesting.

x: 0
y: 50
z: 280

This is what's inside the chest.

A zombie dungeon is very near.

x: -25
y: 50
z: 295

 A saddle! Wohoo!

Ready-made obsidian.

x: -45
y: 10
z: 250

This lava lake is enormous. More lava behind my back.

x: -35
y: 15
z: 260

Diamonds spotted. Again.

x: -30
y: 15
z: 270

Phew. So many pictures. Post yours as well! I'd like to see them.


  1. @Flarn2006 Whoops! What a mistake. :D Corrected, thanks for pointing that out and commenting!