Sunday, June 26, 2011

1.7: Dead Mau5

(This seed is for Minecraft 1.7 and earlier.)

Waterfalls, lava lakes, overhanging cliffs, dark pits with mobs, and an above-ground dungeon. Welcome to one epic Minecraft world generated by the seed Dead Mau5.

Click a picture to see it (a bit) larger.

Overhanging sand. A good place for home? ;-)

x: -165
z: -5

Oh, an above-ground skeleton dungeon!

x: -260
z: 10

Gravel. Lots of gravel.

x: -275
z: -20

A cave. Not enormous, but quite large with lots of coal.

x: -350
z: 10

NB! This seed used to have waterfalls like in the first picture, but looks like that the latest version (which is 1.6.6 at the moment) doesn't have them.

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