Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pink sheep!

According to Minecraft Wiki, sheep have a 0.174% chance to be pink.[source] However, with this particular seed I managed to see a pink sheep next to my spawn point. I also found another pink sheep after some travelling. Talk about probability! The seed is this:


I tried this seed several times with the same result. Click the "read more" for more screenshots, coordinates, and info.

I originally found this seed at Minecraft Forum. Several users have said they have had similar results as well.

Here are some more pictures. Click them to see larger version.

Near initial spawn point. x=-100, z=240
Another pink sheep at x=70, z=70
A village at x=30, z=125
Did you try this seed out? Did you manage to spot a pink sheep or two?


  1. I couldn't find any pink sheep in 1.9 pre2.

  2. i found another npc village at x:130 and z:-117

  3. A sheep in a pig costume? Or did he wear a pig's ski- oh wait, it's just a pink sheep.